Healing of White, Grey and Black Magic


No 1 Healing Balck Magic from Worksplace.


September 2012

Respected Siva Sir,


This is my Experiences after connecting with Violet Parana Healing.


I am Parveen Verma, from Rewari, Haryana, India. My family and I  were connected to Prana Violet Healing through Ms Sulbha (sister of Ms Deepa Swami ), for the last 0ne & half year  i was under oain and taking 2 or three pain killers daily or every time suffering with many problems related to health & some family problems. Siva sir told me on my all parental family suffering with black magic and witchcraft which was done by my close relatives, by god grace and the Prana Violet helaing technique all thye negative energies caused by the black magics were  remove  me & my sister. I do not use any pain killer anymore.


Before meeting Prana Violet healing, I  some times in the dream I see some one throwing  me from the height or sometimes I see myself in the water & crying for help. Through the Prana Violet Healing I was told of my  past life's truth that some body throw me from the height into the water. After one healing session I do not  see this type of dreams ever since the healing and it has been almost last one years.


After connecting this Parana healing I got a good news,  after 10 years of my first baby my wife was pregnant. We know this news very late after 5 months pregnancy. But my wife's relative were not happy and were jealous  with this news, one very close relative did black magic on my wife to disturb her pregnancy as a result, when we did the doctor for checkup there was something wrong with the baby with the first ultrasound. The doctor  suggest me for colour ultra sound, which we did and the Doctor found there was a  shadow in the baby's heart. We  are shocked and were very worried. We consulted Prana Violet Healing immediately and it was confirmed that there were black magic on my wife and child. The black magic was remove by distant and we were asked to repeat the colour ultrasound one week later and to our surprised there were no shadow or any problem with our baby.


In my working environment I was undergoing some difficulties with my company MD who is a Japanese person and he was not happy with me because I am always arguing with him on the matter of cleanliness, but Japanese persons are very conscious about cleaning ( 5 S is a system of Japanese Company ) I read the forgiveness affirmation provided to me by Prana Violet for my MD everyday and after reading all the problems are finish. Both of us are now friends and I keep the place clean as he requires.


My 10 month son was very ill and was admitted to the hospital due to very high fever. The fever was s high that he was experiencing fits and doctor has said that the high fever has affected the brain. When we check with Prana Violet Healing, we were told someone from my office has been very jeolous and have send very negative enegy to me and has affected my son badly. The negative energy was removed after I asked for forgiveness from the staff of my office. My son stated recovering immediately after that,

 All the test was dine on him i.e Blood reports, CT Scan , EEG are normal.


All this healings were done from Malaysia and we live in India.


God is not come for help but he send his angel in the form of Prana Violet Healing..


We are very thank full to the GOD, Prana Violet Healing & Mr. Siva.P and  sir we hope me and my family will be continuously be protected form all the negative energies.


God Thank-you thank you thank you.




The Verma Family




No 2 Removal Of Black Magic



Dear Sir,


I and my wife attended prana violet  healing workshop at delhi about 5 months back, I  had a multitude of problems at that time .Mr.Siva diagonised this as black magic, me being the 1st one to be healed in the New Delhi workshop subsequently I attended 2 more workshops in New Delhi, after the 1st session itself, my health started improving and now I have regained my normal health. .Mr.Siva is highly knowledgeable, kind and humane person and his main focus is on teaching people how to heal themselves as well as fellow beings independently all the Prana and healing accessories are given free of charge

I sincerely thank Mr.Siva for solving all my problems and propagating this method of healing also reducing medical costs on doctors this sort of healing also helps people physically, mentally and spiritually and also prevents the problem from recurring.

Looking forward for another session in New Delhi



Email : varun_912@yahoo.com



No 3 Black Magic From Workplace


September 2012

PVH, or Prana Violet Healing, something that has now become an indispensable part of my life.

 I was introduced to  Siva sir and PVH by my friend Deepa. She told me that it works like magic. It was hard to believe in the beginning, but it does.

I was suffering from a medical condition for 2 years wherein I had a lot of bleeding during my periods. It continued sometimes even for 40 days. First the doctor put me on hormones but after sometime the only option which they told was hysterectomy. I was mentally preparing myself for that when by the grace of God, I met Siva sir. He told me that I was getting cords( negative energy) from some of my relatives. Also there was some occult energy coming from one of them .He asked me to ask forgiveness, so that the cords would be removed. Siva sir removed the occult energy. After that amazingly my periods became normal and continued for many months.

In November 2011, my maid who had been working for me since 7 months told me that her husband had not been keeping well for quite sometime. They had tried all medicines, nothing was working and that she wanted to go to her village for 7 days, because somebody had told her to take her husband there to get something done. I consented.

After 4 days I heard the news that my maidís husband had expired. It came as a shock. 2 days later, I came to know that even my maid had expired. It was a double shock and even I was very depressed and sad. My periods again became worse and I again started medication and again the doctor asked me to go in for hysterectomy.

Somehow I again met Siva sir who had come to Delhi for a workshop. I met him and told him everything. He told me that their was a  negative soul in the house sent by someone who had done black magic on my maid and her husband (his relatives). They had died because of that. Since the soul was still in the house, it was affecting me. Sir removed the soul , and cleaned the house. After that as expected things became fine again for several months. All these healing was done from a distant without visiting my home.

Few months back again the same problem occurred. This time everybody in the house got affected. My husband who generally keeps quite well became quite unwell. Both my sons had high fever, ear pain and what not. My bleeding again became worse and I felt I was almost going to die.

Deepa helped me to contact Siva sir, who was not even in India. Sir found out that this time some of my husbandís colleagues had done black magic on him because they were very jealous of his promotion in his new work place. He told that there were 7 souls in the house. Because of that every body was affected. Sir asked my husband to contact him. My husband called him, identified those people and asked forgiveness. Sir removed his black magic while talking to him on the phone itself. He cleaned the house. After that he healed me for 5 days continuously and saved all our lives.

After that, things gradually fell in place.

I am very very thankful to Siva sir, PVH and my friend Deepa for everything.

Arnika ( New Delhi, India )

Email : arnikakhera@yahoo.com




No 3 Black Magic From Business Partners




Dear All,


 I am pleased to inform you that  fortunately I was able to attend Siva.P 2 days free workshop in Coimbatore, got healed and also learnt Prana Violet Healing.


 I must thank first Deepa Madam for introducing Siva.P  to my rescue when I was wallowing in mental agony due to my wife's suicidal death.


As advised by Deepa madam, I wrote to Mr.Siva.P about my wife's death and my situation. When I spoke to him on phone last month, he was in Malaysia and I in India. He saw in his vision and told me that my wife's suicidal death was caused by the blackmagic done by my past business partners and her soul was in a trap surrounded by spirits. Over phone itself, he scanned my in-laws, house and found 10 spirits. He told me that to help me first I need to forgive everyone- even the partners! Only after my reading of Forgiveness Affirmations from his website, he did the procedure and facilitated immediately the elevation of my wife's soul to light world and removal of all the black magic that was present.

In just minutes he also removed all the spirits from the house. He assured and pacified me that I don't need to worry anymore on her. This happened last month over telephone!


Last week when Deepa madam informed me about his Coimbatore workshop, I went there and met him. There were a total of 170 people at the 2 day workshop. The first day was on Prana Violet Healing and the second day workshop was on Black Magic. What was taught on these 2 days  were as follows :


 On Day 1:

 All theoretical explanations were given on Prana and Prana Violet Healing method, which insists on  Self-acceptance, Confessions, and give and take of Forgiveness, without which no healing is possible according to him. Mere reading of the affirmations even silently is doing the wonder to the Aura of healing and expansion of the aura. It was demonstrated that even saying good (appreciation, thanks, even saying holy verses) and bad (scolding, criticizing, hurtful comments) words also has it's own positive and negative effect in one's energy field, water in a glass and health! It was amazing to see how just saying holy verses of any religion increases the energy field. We saw the demo on The

  Power of Words, Subconscious Mind and Conscious Mind. Free tea and Lunch was offered to all participants. Siva sir just scans through his mere vision and instantly says what is the root cause of the problem issue ( Grey Magic, Black Magic, White Magic by negative people, religious gurus, spells, curses, angry incoming / outgoing cords) and asks the sufferers first to read the prescribed, given affirmations, then he removed all those negative forces enmasse in just few minutes. He removed also the very recent blackmagic done to me by a lady whose sole interest was to marry me and to kill my daughter, because she is strongly opposing me marrying to that lady. Again I had to forgive her by affirmations, and he immediately removed the blackmagic from me and my daughter (though she was not there, distance healing was done to her)! What a great escape from an unknown danger which was hovering on us! He taught and alerted us on so many points, taking references from our ancient traditions..



Day 2:

 Aura cleansing, reading, chakra cleansing, energizing / healing techniques were taught and hands-on practical were done under his supervision and guidance. From that healing session onwards, the dull, drowsy, heavy body pain and anguish all disappeared! I am still wondering after coming back home, how all people were healed on one-to-one basis and how Siva sir could generate his profound energy to do untiring unconditional total free service to all. Hats off to him! If I don't thank such selfless kind people, then there is no meaning in being a human.

He even taught how we can talk to our own body organs, thankfully, appreciating and get them healed. He is a bundle of prana and humaneness.


Many ladies got healed on the stage, after forgiving their relatives / colleagues etc. On hearing his wonderful healing, even a local temple priest came to him and got healed. He insists not to follow anyone like blind lambs or join groups to hurt or harm others under whitemagic.

It's all beyond words and writings. Personal experience alone can explain many things. Neither Siva sir nor the Organizers expected anything or even cared for thanks from us. There was a sudden surge of more newcomers sitting pathetically for healing, which the great untiring master was smilingly   doing unconditionally, even after the official closing time. I took my Wands given by him to all, by using which we can do selfhealing, healing others, distant healing, healing homes, crystals & gems. As told by himself, I limit my praising of him. My thanks to Siva sir for healing so many old tearful ladies, men, youngsters. I thank Dr.Jain and others in MPL forum for giving this decent platform where I got kind contacts especially Deepa madam. May God bless all of us.


Best regards,

Shafie M ( India )

Email :  shafie_12345@yahoo.com




No 4 Healing Home From Entities and Negative Energy


My Name is K.Malliga. Im from Puchong, Malaysia
I Know Mr Siva.P of Prana Violet Healing through a close friend.
I have a lot of problem . I have 3 kids 2 girls and one boy.
At night time my son who is one years and 2 month old will cry non stop for no reason and he wonít drink milk. He sleeps in the day and cries all the nights and this does not allow me to sleep and I have to work the next morning. This has been going on for more than 2 months. We have seeked medical help and did not help at all.  It was very difficult and it was a nightmare for all of us.
I then contact Prana Violet Healing one night in March 2011 to inform my problem and ask for their help and advice. 
They healed my son, our family and our home and that night itself my son slept well and has been sleeping well eversince the healing. He explained that our home was very negative and occupies with a negative entity that was creating all these negative energies. Actually I have no experience and do not know about healing.
After this experience then only I know about the healing power. I would like to know more about the Healing, how it works and how I can apply to myself and my family.
My family and I are really very happy to have been helped by Prana Violet Healing and we will try to go for the healing workshop soon to learn this technique.
Thank for your help sir.



No 5 Healing Son Occult Energy


My youngest son was not happy with me and being angry because we had sent him to study in Johor. He was diagnosed with 3 occult energy from a girl that wanted to control him. He refused to even look my face. Then after the account energies were removed by Prana Violet Healing method, he was a totally changed boy. He even kiss me and his sister before going back to his college again.


Lalitha Sivananda Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel : +603 6251400614



No 6 Healing Black Magic From Working Place


I was not in peace at my working place and was not feeling happy at where I was working and also when I get back home. My sister introduce me to Prana Violet healing and I was diagnosed to have been under the black magic spell from one of my office staff. The black magic was removed with the prana violet healing., I felt much better immediately and after that my back pain which I was suffering for the past one week was also relieved instantly. I also felt inner peace within my self after this healing.í